Changing the way real estate and construction business works is a part of RAKLI’s strategy. Giving established companies and startups a chance to mingle together at Slush’s official side event ReCoTech brings us closer to this goal. Using new technologies and digitalisation to the maximum generates great possibilities to make the industry more efficient and profitable, which also adds value to our customers.

We were one of the organizers of the very first ReCoTech Meetup in November 2016. It has been great to see how the concept has evolved into a series of events. We wouldn’t have missed the chance of making ReCoTech happen this year too. The whole team including our official ReCoTech partners aims at making the day inspiring and unforgettable again.

ReCoTech will be bigger and more international than on the first time. I challenge RAKLI’s members and other real estate and construction professionals to join us at Slush on the 30th of November. If you are open-minded and willing to learn the new agile ways of doing business then this is your place to be. Let’s make ReCoTech the best PropTech event ever!


Jyrki Laurikainen

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