We’ll see again on 3oth November 2021!
RecoTech is designed to answer the freezing question of what is happening in the Nordic PropTech scene.
2020 was a virtual experience all over, now it’s time to get back on track. Let’s meet again in Helsinki!

“Last years event was the best run event I have ever been to!! Let’s do this!” - Duke Long -


Kirsi Simola-Laaksonen

Kirsi serves as Chief Information Officer at Citycon, the leading owner, manager and developer of mixed-use centers for urban living in the Nordics and Baltics. She is a passionate leading-by-data enthusiast, being well at work advocate and gets fired up when talking...

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Otto Alhava

Otto Alhava is the Chief Technology Officer in Fira Group. His passion is the disruption of business models by digitalisation and lean methodology. Otto joined Fira in 2009 and introduced a process-oriented approach to the construction industry flavoured with service...

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Jarno Piironen

International FinTech Entrepreneur Jarno has 20-year experience in international business. He worked at Nokia in roles ranging from project financing to leading an accessories business, set up a ESG startup assisting overindebted people get back financially and is a...

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Maria Holopainen

Customer Success Manager, Spacemaker Maria Holopainen will share learnings and success stories on how Spacemaker has helped customers in Finland take steps towards digitalising their early phase site development processes with the help of data, analytics and AI. Back

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Ernest Szydelski

 CEO, Hustro Hustro is one of the top 10 construction tech startups in Europe. Ernest is an ex-lawyer with a passion for construction and data. At Hustro he focuses on developing the product that leads general contractors in detecting and solving QHSE issues faster....

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Jukka Kettunen

 Co-Founder,  Cityfier and Director of Urban Development at AINS Group Cityfier is a digital analysis service for forecasting the future value of urban districts and properties. Cityfier has a unique multivariate regression model that predicts the value of real estate...

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Miro Ristimäki

Host of Discussio: Digital delivery enables better life cycle management – why are we not grasping this opportunity?

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Jonathan Lane

The New York City Opportunity: 45M m2 of Real Estate to Help Proptech to Underserved Communities

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Haahtela TVD® is a new and unique algorithm-based simulation tool capable of simulating the future of ANY construction project, even without a preliminary plan. The TVD research and development unit is part of a corporation founded in 1975 by Professor Yrjänä Haahtela.


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