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RecoTech is designed to answer the freezing question of what is happening in the Nordic PropTech scene.

Due to the pandemic situation and travel restrictions RecoTech 2020 will be organized online. 

We hope to see you again face-to-face in 2021!

“Last years event was the best run event I have ever been to!! Let’s do this!” - Duke Long -


Ivan Nokhrin (Wiredhut)

Ivan Nokhrin runs a boutique digital advisory and proptech portfolio management firm Wiredhut. He is focused on building a professional global network around the topic of technologies in real estate. Ivan has in-depth knowledge of the B2B business processes in the...

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Petter Bengtsson (Zynka)

Petter Bengtsson is the CEO of Zynka Group. With its vision to digitalize the built environment, they are delivering digital twin services throughout the entire lifecycle of a building. Among there customers are some of the largest commercial and industrial real...

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Tomi Ventovuori (Colliers)

Tomi Ventovuori PhD is a forerunner in digitalising the real estate industry. Tomi has over 20 years of experience in property business including mid to large size organisations, sales, corporate development and business management, operations and strategy. He is also...

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Pablo Roldos (Estabild)

In the last few years, the construction industry has been experiencing an unprecedented shift towards technology adoption. New tools and modern technologies are being embraced by folks executing the work on the field. Thanks to this, the information captured at the...

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Katrine Larsen (hococo)

Katrine is a co-founder at hococo, a support and communications platform that connects tenants and landlords. With a clear vision on where the future tenant experience is heading, hococo strives to give property administrators a tool that simplifies their daily...

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Lars Groth (DinGeo)

Lars has been working with geographical data centered around an address for more than a decade. Firstly creating professional tools digging into dwelling register and statistical databases to analyse customer databases and creating target groups for companies. Since...

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Viktor Vitell (Egain)

Viktor has an entrepreneurial background from the IT industry and over 20 years of experience from global companies and startups.  With a clear focus on how Proptech can propeller sustainability, he now leads the thought leadership as CMO of Egain, backed by the...

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Andreas Fryden (Estate Logs)

Andreas Frydén is the CEO of Estate Logs, a leading property management platform. He has over a decade of experience in Real Estate Investment and PropTech across the Nordics and the US. Andreas thinks the world should be running more sustainable buildings through a...

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Jason Whittet (AWS)

Jason works for AWS as the Digital Innovation Lead at the Arizona State University Smart Cities Cloud Innovation Center. He previously led Smart Cities efforts for 100 Resilient Cities at the Rockefeller Foundation and held smart cities roles at GE, ATT and IDC...

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Alf Rehn (University of Southern Denmark)

Alf Rehn is a globally noted thought leader in innovation, trends, and creativity; a sought- after speaker, an author and a columnist, as well as a well-regarded commentator on leadership and organizational culture. He has held the Chair of Management and Organization...

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Rhea Claus (Lane)

As Chief Client Officer at Lane, Rhea is dedicated to making sure the customers are getting the most out of their workplace experience. A Techstars alumnus and active member of the tech community, Rhea is passionate about developing and fostering connections and...

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Zach Aarons (MetaProp)

Zach Aarons is an award-winning PropTech investor, best selling author, professor, and speaker who has been a pioneering thought leader at the forefront of real estate technology for over a decade. In 2010, while working as a Project Manager for internationally...

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