Dr. Thomas Herr ”When investing in a new product you should invest the same amount into the cultural change”

Dr. Thomas Herr is Managing Director and EMEA Head of Digital Innovation at CBRE. In this role he is responsible for the connection of CBRE with the European PropTech ecosystem and the management of innovation within the company.

In this fourth episode of the RecoTech podcast our host Sarah Sipilä talks with Dr. Thomas Herr from CBRE.

Sarah and Thomas start of discussing what the most exciting things are that are happening in PropTech right now. The massive amounts of money that is being poured into PropTech and the fact that PropTech’s usually start with a small problem but the institutional investors have much bigger problems to solve.

Thomas emphasises that when investing in a new product you should invest the same amount into the cultural change. He ads to this that the value chain in the industry is very fragmented which separates us from any other industry. He calls for better development of the industry standards.

There are three ways how CBRE is bringing this forward:
1. A very disciplined approach in how to adopt to new products.
2. Bringing all the information into one enterprise data platform.
3. Developing their own strategies to adopt different kinds of software.

He ends with an open call for PropTechs to apply for the CBRE PropTech partnership program. For PropTechs who are interested you can go to: https://proptech.cbre.eu/

Meet Dr. Thomas Herr at RecoTech and come listen to his keynote on the Factory Stage where he will talk about how traditional CRE companies keep up with the pace of digital innovations by building own solutions, acquiring talent and partner with tech firms. And he will share examples and lessons learned.

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