Driving Game Changing Ideas – Interview with Thomas Birr of Innogy Innovation Hub

Disruptive business models change the rules of entire industries. The energy industry is also affected by this. The innogy Innovation Hub drives forward the transformation from a power plant-based energy generation company into a customer-oriented solutions provider.

Thomas BirrThomas Birr is the CEO of innogy Innovation Hub, as well as chief futurist and SVP Innovation & Business Transformation at German energy company innogy SE.

Since 2016, Thomas has overseen the strategic direction of innogy Innovation Hub and its mission to create the future of energy by identifying the technologies, ideas and businesses that will shape that future and providing them with funding, mentoring and a co-creation platform. Thomas firmly believes in the concept of sector disruption; that the energy industry will be fundamentally redefined, driven by digital disruption and the convergence of new technologies and business models from across industries.

In his role as innogy ́s SE’s SVP Innovation & Business Transformation, Thomas is focused on how technology and strategy can be leveraged to grow innogy’s future business exponentially.

Thomas has over 25 years experience in the energy industry, and between 2010 and 2016 held the role of RWE ́s Global strategist where he was CEO of one of its largest energy retail and grid subsidiaries. Thomas holds a degree in mechanical engineering.

In this interview, we discuss the following topics:

  • How and why the Innovation hub came about and what is the hub of today like
  • Why an energy company is interested in PropTech
  • How the PropTech scene will develop in the near future and what is the Hub’s role in all that
  • What’s in the Hub’s portfolio
  • What advice Thomas would like to give a PropTech startup or team that’s just starting out

You can meet Olaf ten Duis of the innogy Innovation Hub at RecoTech on December 4, 2018.

Visit innovationhub.innogy.com for more information.

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