Marko Tulamo ”Standardise, visualise and smartly analyse”

Marko Tulamo from Sitowise is specialised in combining building automation system data with the BIM model into a Digital Twin of the building and identifying and visualising potential failures in performance of building technical systems with mathematical algorithms.

In this short but sweet RecoTech podcast Sarah Sipilä from KPMG talks with Marko Tulamo from Sitowise(This podcast was recorded before RecoTech).

Sitowise is a Finnish specialist consulting company with 1700 personnel. They are the largest Finnish-owned planning and consulting agency in the construction industry, the leading expert in diversified urban projects, and a pioneer in data-driven management and data modelling.

They keep it to the point and immediately dive deep into 5D BIM models & digital twins. According to Marko standardisation, visualisation and smartly analysing the data is the key.

Listen to the interview