In case you have any problems using the platform send us an email and we will answer to you as soon as possible

Where can I find the live content?

You find the current live content by clicking the LIVE-button. 

How can I find the program?

By clicking the program icon you’ll see the different themes. By clicking a Theme you can see all the keynotes that will be held during this theme.

Who can send a meeting request?

Only attendees with matchmaking ticket can send meeting request. Update your ticket here:

Or if you haven’t registered yet to the event buy a ticket here: 

How does the matchmaking work?

RecoTech uses Swapcard as the event platform. The platform ueses AI to matchmake attendees to each other.

You can get better results by completing your profile and adding content to what you are looking for / what I am offering -fields.

What is the Virtual Round Table?

Virtual Round Table is online video meeting room where speakers and attendees meet each other.

The Virtual Round Table is hosted by Janne Saarikko.

You can join Virtual Round Table without a matchmaking ticket.

To join the virtual round table click the virtual round table icon and open the session. From the session page you’ll find a link JOIN THIS CONVERSION to join.

What are the Side-Events?

To make the event more interesting we have curated few extra events for you. These events will not show in the LIVE section. You need to register to them separately. 

To register to side-event click side-events button and click the calendar icon next to the side-event. 

Some side-events are free to attend. Open the side-event and find JOIN THIS CONVERSATION link to join the conversation.

Is there some other content on the platform?

YES! You can find a lot of content from the platform. Start by seeing what the event partners and exhibitors have shared. You can also find projects / cases ad job opportunities from the platform.

Swapcard official FAQ for attendees

You can find the official faq for event attendees here 

2020 RecoTech uses Swapcard as the event platform. This means that all the event functionalities are held in the same platform. 

The event program is our main feature at RecoTech but we wanted to make sure that you as an attendee get most of our virtual event. Therefore we have built in many interesting content and networking features for you.



Meet new people in the event with AI recommendations for your meetings. With a matchmaking ticket (75€) you can send meeting requests.


Meeting someone new? Just drop them a line and agree to have a video call on our platform. We also host side-events that use their own video call technique.


We are proud to have such forward thinking partners this year. We are sure that there will be enough interesting content for you in their booths.


Interact with the speakers or other attendees in dedicated virtual rooms. You can also reach out to speakers during their speech with questions and  via polls.


Create your own personal program with meetings and most interesting keynotes and sessions.


Meet new people in relaxed virtual coffee rooms. Even some of our speakers will be there to chat with you.


Our program is great but our side-events are also great! Tune in to different content all on the same platform.


There are so many interesting projects in the Nordics. Our partners are showcasing their best projects to you.


Need to find a job? See all the open positions at RecoTech and ask for more information if needed!


Watch the live event and browse other content at the same time

One week of matchmaking and meetigns

How to get started?

1. Get your ticket to RecoTech here 

2. Before the event we will send you directions on how to create your profile to the event platform

3. Create your profile and start matchmaking on the 16th of November!

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