Ernest Szydelski

 CEO, Hustro

Hustro is one of the top 10 construction tech startups in Europe. Ernest is an ex-lawyer with a passion for construction and data. At Hustro he focuses on developing the product that leads general contractors in detecting and solving QHSE issues faster.

Hustro is a software system that leads construction professionals in assuring and controlling Quality, Health and safety, and Environmental aspects of even the most complex construction projects.

We focus on making site decisions as easy and fast as possible to help solve site issues before generating conflicts between general contractors, subcontractors, and investors.

This goal is achieved by providing standardized data structures and workflows closely connected to construction projects, showcasing the impact of each issue on the project goals, and mitigating legal and financial risks in the background.

In a little over a year, Hustro helped users on over 40 sites reduce on-site decision-making time by 47%, and decrease issue resolution time by over 40%. All of this while saving over 70% time usually spent on QHSE reporting, issue management, and inspections


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