With so much talk on digitalization, the real estate and construction sector is finally on the brink of something big. We at Green Building Council Finland want to be at the forefront when it happens.

So what is this ‘big thing’ then? A lot of industries have faced rapid change and even full-fledged disruption in the last years as digitalization continues to push forward with such power that it shakes the pathways of normal development. One sector that has not yet been hit by this change is the real estate and construction sector that still often gets labelled as old fashioned in its ways.

But let’s be realistic – the situation cannot remain as is. KIRA-digi, the innovative nationwide digitalization campaign backed by extensive funding recently listed that there are already at least 63 built environment startups only in Finland! And this is ruling out all the other competition hiding in the shadows of the other sectors, companies that could easily jump over to our sector and move and shake a few things with their solutions. This means that the real estate and construction sector needs to be ready – ready to embrace the change and flourish in the brave new world.

For us these newfound and much hyped opportunities of digitalisation are so important as they might have a huge impact on how the sector can solve global climate issues on our part. Digital solutions such as BIM, sensors, smart metering, virtual and augmented reality to name a few, can have a tremendous effect on how we design, build, experience, maintain, renovate and use buildings in a more sustainable way. For example, pairing circular building design with the possibilities provided by the latest tech inventions could enable the next big step in resource efficiency. Putting buildings back to the core of everyday life is another opportunity – there are numerous startups that offer solutions for our quest to build better places for people.

Therefore, together with RAKLI, Hesa-Safa and previously Newsec, we decided to create a place “where real estate and construction meets new technology opportunities. We call it ReCoTech MeetUp. And what would be a better way to organise this forward-looking event than by jumping head-first into startup scene and collaborating with world’s leading startup event Slush.

Last year’s event was a huge success, with participant number being almost double the amount we initially were even hoping for. This year we want to build it up – more companies, more participants, more opportunities.

The revolution is here – do YOU want to be part of it?

Mikko Nousiainen
Green Building Council Finland

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