Kris Riise

Kris is a visionary tech entrepreneur from North Cape, Norway. He has always been super interested in the internet and became a self-taught programmer who obsesses over solving big problems and bringing visionary ideas to life. He has built some of Norway’s most popular apps, such as Posten and Ruter, making everyday life easier for millions of people. Today, he is the founder CEO of Unloc, opening doors for everyone, everywhere.

 Technology has made our lives better. Yet, people still stand outside of buildings looking for keys or spend hours at home waiting for deliveries. Businesses also experience the same problem: they don’t have keys. Unloc is an API-first B2B company that replaces key hassle with everyday magic. We simplify everything with keys, like Stripe has done with payments. Instead of manufacturing locks, we partner with lock companies and aggregate their secure lock APIs into our agnostic software platform. Unloc is revolutionizing keys and opening up new and innovative opportunities for businesses and cities. We open doors — for everyone, everywhere.

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