Innovation is at the core of our way of doing business. We try to always surprise ourselves and our clients with new ways of working and smart solutions to old problems. We are not afraid to stand out and try something different, whether it’s by painting our cars in all the colors of the rainbow or to invite our main clients to a workshop where they collaborate on finding new ways of working. We believe in the power of questioning routines and working in teams. I’d like to tell you about a recent example of how we do this.

This spring, we teamed up with our colleagues within the Stronghold Group and a company called Result, based in Stockholm, to launch a project with focus on PropTech. The project is divided into several parts that each have different functions and help us as an organization to move into the digital era:

  • Co-worker Innovation Labs
  • Client Innovation Labs
  • PropTech Summit

Within the co-worker labs, colleagues have presented their ideas of how our business could improve. It might be a new service that we could offer or a new platform for sharing data or collaborating across boarders that we should set up. The teams are made out of co-workers from different countries and business lines and the ideas are presented to a jury of senior staff and external experts. The teams are given time to develop their ideas in the lab with the help of seasoned entrepreneurs and data scientists.

Within the client labs, we invite some of our key clients – preferably in groups of more than one client at once – to collaborate on how to solve everyday problems in a different way. We have found this to be a great way of offering something more to our partnership than only what’s defined in a contract.

The PropTech Summit is a platform for anybody within the real estate and tech industries to meet and discuss future trends. We have organized two events so far with high-level speakers from e.g. Google, Singularity University and Northzone. The turnout has been great and we can only conclude that there are many people interested in how to make the real estate industry more high tech.

Therefore, I’m especially keen to come to ReCoTech this year. I’m loaded with lots of new ideas and inspiration and hope to grow that feeling further in the end of November. Hope to see you there!

More information:

Tomi Ventovuori
Newsec Property Asset Management
Head of Digitalization
Cell +358 50 420 3961

Ann Sonne
Head of Communication
Cell +46 730 73 28 30

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