Otto Alhava

Otto Alhava is the Chief Technology Officer in Fira Group. His passion is the disruption of business models by digitalisation and lean methodology. Otto joined Fira in 2009 and introduced a process-oriented approach to the construction industry flavoured with service logic. Since then, Fira has transformed from a main contractor to a digital service and software development company and evolved to a fabricator of modular solutions such as prefabricated HVAC modules (with bathroom). During this time, Fira has grown organically from 19 MEUR revenue to 230 MEUR and seeks to scale internationally with Fira’s Innovation Platform and new business models. Otto’s background is in the software and telecommunication industry. He is experienced in developing and managing broadband and mobile networks rollouts and implementing Field Service Management (FSM) in a growth company. Otto drives the digitalisation of the construction industry by developing the T-model, which combines the takt production system and supply chain management. Currently, he focuses on GS1 and standardisation since our construction industry lacks behind Norway, Sweden and Denmark industrywide, but not long.

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