Roope Mokka

Mokka is an adviser and practitioner of social transformation, a futurist, urbanist, and artist who helps cities, corporations, central governments, political parties, civic groups, foundations, news and media, cultural institutions, startups, artists, performers, technologist and events to become socially relevant.  

Currently, Mokka builds the terrestrial alliance for social transformation Untitled, founded together with some forty activist organisations such as Demos Helsinki, Dark Matter Labs, Bethnal Green Ventures, Democratic Society, Y-foundation, The Service Workers Union, Long Now, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting, STHML Tech Fest, City of Helsinki, VestAndPage, RebootUS, FundingBox, and Life Itself.

Mokka has led several research projects and authored a wide range of studies in the future of democracy, technology, culture, lifestyles and cities.

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