Nordic PropTech Outlook – Interview with Magnus Svantegård of Datscha

Magnus Svantegård is the Global Head of Product Management at Datscha and a partner of Stronghold Invest. In this interview, he talks about the present and the future of Nordic proptech companies, including Datscha, a leading real estate data firm.

Magnus is widely acknowledged as a leading authority in proptech with 17 years of experience and co-founder of the Nordic PropTech Initiative. He is named as a Top10 global influencer in #PropTech and was nominated as a finalist to the NYC Real Estate Tech Week Awards 2017 in the category “Top Executive”.

In the interview, we discuss these topics:

  • Datscha and Stronghold
  • What has happened in the Nordic Proptech scene since the last Recotech in 2017
  • What is the Nordic Proptech Initiative and why it came about
  • A SWOT analysis of the Nordic proptech scene

You can meet Magnus at RecoTech and Slush and connect with him on LinkedIn or send email to magnus.svantegard(at)datscha.com.

Listen to the Interview (also on iTunes)