We are currently building the program for 2019. Keep an eye on this page and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.


This year we will have 2 STAGES & 10 TRACKS!

  • Property development and investments in High-Tech buildings
  • Women in Proptech – Influential and much needed
  • Maximize asset values through Data, Communities & Design
  • The Propstars are coming!
  • Not just a Buzzword – Concrete examples of using tokens
  • Finland as a sandbox
  • IoT, BIM, 7D & Digital Twins
  • Circular Economy in the Built Environment
  • Mixed use is the future
  • From facility manager to community manager

All we can say for now is that we will have more speakers and even more content than previous years! Stay tuned!


And we will be in an iconic new venue!

Train Factory is going to be a renovated industrial complex set in the heart of the Vallila and Alppila neighbourhoods – just a stone’s throw away from the Helsinki city centre.

The Train Factory is sturdy and ruggedly elegant, with weather worn walls, high ceilings and huge original roof constructions.

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