PropTech Finland – Interview with Ola Sundell and Hannu Käki

What is PropTech Finland and why it came about? In this interview, Ola Sundell and Hannu Käki talk about the community that connects individuals who want to make a change.

Ola Sundell is the CEO and founder of HUB13 and he heads PropTech Finland. Hannu Käki is the CEO of two startups, RealX.pro and RealSource.eu and active in the Finnish proptech scene.

The podcast guests discuss the current state of Proptech in Finland and how it differs from that in many other countries. They also share ideas about how proptech should be developed in a small country like Finland and in the EU in general.

Many companies, especially in the construction sector, claim that construction is always local business. The interviewees advise startups to aim higher and take a global view.

You can connect with Ola and Hannu on LinkedIn and join the PropTech Finland community on Slack.

Listen to the interview