Proptech Innovation and Development at Granlund – Interview with Pekka Metsi

Ever since its birth in 1960, Granlund has been at the technological forefront in its field. In this interview, CEO Pekka Metsi talks about Proptech innovation and Granlund’s efforts in that area.

We discuss these questions:

  • How digitalization is changing the real estate and construction business environment
  • What are the biggest challenges in moving to digital processes
  • Why Granlund is also a software company
  • How Granlund innovates and what are the next big things that we can expect from the company
  • How Granlund works with startups

About Granlund

Granlund is a strongly growing group of companies that specializes in the construction and real estate sector and makes significant investments in innovation and development. Its key goal is to make properties more functional and smarter and to improve human well-being in the built environment.

Granlund’s areas of expertise include technical building services design, property, energy and environmental consultation, software and renovation. It has over 1,000 customer organizations in 30 countries and employs about 900 professionals in Finland, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

For more information, visit www.granlundgroup.com.

Listen to the Interview