Pyry Haahtela & Saku Metsärinne

Pyry Haahtela is the Chief Operating Officer and Saku Metsärinne the Head of Modelling in Haahtela TVD

Both Pyry Haahtela and Saku Metsärinne have been working with Haahtela’s TVD simulation model for over a decade with a mission to change how construction projects and real estate investments are being measured and managed. The aim of the simulation model is to help professionals make better decisions in an early stage of the construction project when these decisions will still have a real impact to the outcome. With simulation project managers can test the results of different concepts and design solutions before making a commitment – and find the best and most efficient solutions for their projects.

In their speech “Simulation as a superpower: find the most efficient way to reduce CO2” Saku and Pyry explain how the world of simulation can change the way one can manage their carbon footprint in the construction and real estate industries. Managing the carbon footprint of construction projects is more than just choosing the more environmentally friendly materials – it all starts way before that. The most environmentally friendly building is the one that does both: serves its purpose and has as small carbon footprint as possible. Simulation helps your construction projects to meet both criteria.