Articles by Aarni Heiskanen, AE Partners

My Tips for Startups

Henrik Steinbrecher DOWNLOAD

Growing Interest in Proptech

Samuli Sirén, Redstone DOWNLOAD

Startups are the Innovation Leaders

Maurits Cammeraat, INREV DOWNLOAD

Value from Digitalization

Petri Roininen, Investors House DOWNLOAD

BLOXHUB – The Urban Innovation Hub

Torben Klitgaard, BLOXHUB DOWNLOAD

The Future is MOW

Pia Arrhenius, Sponda DOWNLOAD

Symbiotic Buildings by Tieto

Tomi Teikko, Tieto DOWNLOAD

The Most Innovative Company Will Win

Pekka Metsi & Teemu Hausen, Granlund DOWNLOAD

The Digital Future for Newsec

Tomi Ventovuori, Newsec DOWNLOAD

From Data to Business Value

Markku Moilanen & Timo Hautakoski, Ramboll DOWNLOAD

From Properties to Work Environments

Jussi Hirvelä, Senate Properties DOWNLOAD

A Hub Needs an Operating System

Ola Sundell, HUB13 DOWNLOAD

Investing in the Digital Transformation

Daniel Kraft, Stronghold DOWNLOAD

Fira is Building a Movement

Ville Wikström & Mikael Långström, Fira DOWNLOAD

An Active and Patient Investor

Timo Kokkila, Pontos DOWNLOAD

Nature as a Service

Aki Soudunsaari, Naava DOWNLOAD

Going International with SaaS

Magnus Svantegård, Datscha DOWNLOAD

IBM Makes Buildings Cognitive with Watson IoT

Claire Penny, IBM DOWNLOAD

The Bionic Design Tool

Niko Eiden, Varjo DOWNLOAD

Interface with the Digital Twin

Hans Kristian Grani, Areo DOWNLOAD

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