The RecoTech Podcast 2018

This a story from zero to hero. Do not mistake to think it’s a fairytale because it’s far from it. We want it to be a success story, something epochal, even revolutionary.

On this podcast, we talk with visionaries, thought leaders, developers, and practitioners in the built environment. Enjoy and be inspired!

Duke Long on the Opportunities in Proptech

Duke Long is a world-renowned PropTech promoter, commercial real estate broker and owner of the Duke Long Agency. In this interview, he talks about why Proptech is a huge opportunity and how to seize it.

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Proptech Innovation and Development at Granlund – Interview with Pekka Metsi

Ever since its birth in 1960, Granlund has been at the technological forefront in its field. In this interview, CEO Pekka Metsi talks about Proptech innovation and Granlund’s efforts in that area.

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Tieto Empathic Building – Interview with Tomi Teikko

Many smart building solutions focus on the building’s performance. Tieto Empathic Building aims to improve employee well-being and happiness and increase individual performance. By automating time-consuming and non-productive tasks of communication and administration, it enables and encourages employees to interact, collaborate, and co-innovate.

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PropTech Finland – Interview with Ola Sundell and Hannu Käki

What is PropTech Finland and why it came about? In this interview, Ola Sundell and Hannu Käki talk about the community that connects individuals who want to make a change.

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Better Urban Living – Interview with Teemu Suila of Kojamo

Kojamo is the biggest housing investor and rental services provider in Finland. Teemu Suila is the Chief Development Officer leading the strategic development and digitalization of the company. 

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