Co-create a Nordic Smart City?

What city do you want to live in? Do you have ideas on how to serve citizens, businesses, infrastructure or buildings better? And most importantly – do you want to be a part of the change, to see your ideas implemented in real life?

AINS Group Virtual Mayor™ Challenge is a smart city bizhack for startups organized by AINS Group and RecoTech. The Challenge seeks best ideas and solutions for smart cities, which could be piloted and implemented in real world smart city projects.

The winners of the challenge will present their projects at RecoTech on November, 18.


  • A smart city being designed, built and lived in.
  • A Virtual Mayor providing information and services in the smart city to businesses, citizens and the municipality

Virtual Mayor Challenge

What is your business idea or digital service which would help serve buildings, infrastructure, businesses, citizens and the municipality using common Virtual Mayor data platform?


  • The city is a true smart city
  • A digital twin exists
  • IoT and 5G exist and help in providing real time information
  • A Virtual Mayor data platform exists for storing and using information

Read more about the challenge here