Bengt Steinbrecher (LH Startup MAQER)

Bengt Steinbrecher is a treasure hunter – for the construction materials industry!

As Head of Digital Partnerships, he is on the look-out for new solution to today’s key challenge for construction: urbanisation –60% of the infrastructure humanity will need by 2050 has not been built yet!

Years back, Bengt brought his background in the startup and M&A environment to the now global leader in construction materials. In his 14 years with LafargeHolcim he held various management positions in country operations and at corporate either establishing new teams and promoting innovative solutions or repositioning business units.

In his role and part of the digital transformation, he is driving the open innovation framework LafargeHolcim MAQER and co- founded the startup collaboration platform LH Startup MAQER. A journey not only requiring a loud external call for action and repositioning – but also an internal cultural transformation.

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