Chris Pyke (USGBC, Aclima)

Chris Pyke, Ph.D. is an expert on how using technology and analytics can create better, healthier buildings and communities around the world.

Chris is the Research Officer for the U.S. Green Building Council and Green Business Certification, Inc. He leads applied research and innovation partnerships to benefit people and the environment. Prior to joining USGBC, he worked as the Chief Strategy Officer for Aclima, where he still holds an advisory position. Aclima is a 2017 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award winner company designing and deploying sensor networks that extend the senses and bridge the gap between us and the natural world. 

How innovation can boost the industry

Before joining Aclima, Mr. Pyke worked as the Chief Operating Officer for GRESB, B.V., a company providing high-quality ESG data and powerful analytical tools to the industry. He also has operated as a physical scientist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Now at USGBC he focuses on applied research and innovation partnerships to boost the industry. This means he is exactly the right person to give us a comprehensive idea on opportunities for start-ups and technology innovation in the real estate and construction space.

To say the least, Mr. Pyke is capable of drawing us the big picture on how technological and environmental innovation and entrepreneurship can accelerate impact in the real estate and construction industry. 

Environmental sensing for buildings and cities

Buildings — homes, workplaces, schools, and more — should be designed to support our wellbeing and protect us from harmful pollution. Aclima delivers building owners, occupants, and managers real-time data about environmental factors shaping our health, comfort, and productivity within buildings and across global portfolios. And at ReCoTech Chris will tell us how sensing in and around buildings supports the next generation of high performance buildings.

As sensing for buildings is more than interesting, then it is the same on city scale. In 2015, Aclima partnered up with Google and the Environmental Fund to map and better understand environmental changes and urban air quality. Data was captured for more than 70 000 miles across California by equipping Google Street View cars with Aclima’s sensors. In June this year, the first map showing the air quality in Oakland, California was released. According to Google, this was one of the largest air quality datasets ever published. By making the invisible visible, it can help us live healthier lives and build smarter and more sustainable cities.

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