Denis Petrovcic (Blocksquare)

Denis is a forward-thinking, open-minded entrepreneur with a passion for the unknown. After getting acquainted with Ethereum in early 2016 he immersed himself in studying blockchain technology and partnered up with Medius, an IT development company.

In 2018 Denis co-founded Blocksquare to develop a system that enables companies world-wide to convert any real estate property into a 100,000 digital shares by leveraging a compliant turn-key solution. In the same year of its launch, Blocksquare conducted a public pilot where tokenization enabled the sale of a property that has been sitting on the market for almost 6 months to close in just 16 days. In early 2019 Blocksquare was awarded as the most innovative blockchain solution for real estate in Crypto Valley – Zug, Switzerland. These important milestones brought more than a hundred inquiries from companies world-wide and enabled the startup to work on thirty case studies. Today, Blocksquare is proud to have their first commercial client, a company that chose to base their core business model on top of Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization solutions.

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