Edward Jung (Xinova)

Edward Jung has been inventing since he was a teenager, and currently holds over a thousand patents worldwide across healthcare, computing, networking, energy, and material sciences. As an entrepreneur, he has founded or co-founded over a dozen companies, including Terrapower, Kymeta, Vigilance, and Benemilk and he advises several others. As CEO of Xinova, he visits innovators, companies, and governments around the world, connecting problems to solutions. In 2005 he founded the predecessor to Xinova and co-managed it from 2008.

Growth happens when intelligent innovation meets ever-shifting market demand. Xinova’s global Market Network accelerates innovation by connecting the right problems with the right solutions from our worldwide network of expertise. The network of 12,000 innovators and experts propel growth across the full innovation lifecycle. Xinova partner with visionary leaders to share the risk and reward of innovation.




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