Elizabeth Nelson (Learn Adapt Build)

Elizabeth Nelson is Head of Research and Development for Learn Adapt Build (LAB) and Author of The Healthy Office Revolution. Elizabeth is proud to be a misfit, a walking contradiction. As an academic researching into biomedical engineering, her work involves gathering hard data. But she started out in advertising, an industry she loves to this day for the way it celebrates creativity. Elizabeth is fascinated by technology and how we interact with it but is also a writer, optimist, and dreamer. Elizabeth is Swedish-American living in Holland, which occasionally makes life nice and complicated. As a private person, telling her story makes her a little uncomfortable. But she truly believes we need to live our lives to the fullest and this definitely includes the time we spend at work and in the office. More than anything else, she wants to play her part in helping to make their lives better. She also believes people are smart and love a good story. Which is why she wrote her book, The Healthy Office Revolution.

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