Heljä Franssila (Senate Properties)

Fireside Chat Panelist

Heljä Franssila works as a Special Advisor of Knowledge Work at Senate Properties. “My tools and resources for performance development in knowledge work include my multidisciplinary background and my broad and varied experience in the private and public sectors. My education in technology, science and information science helps me view work as a series of knowledge-based value creation chains, processes and networks that can be challenged, rationalised and improved in many ways. Value chains in knowledge work are still in the early stages of making full use of the opportunities offered by digitalisation – even at the personal level. I’m a social psychologist and teacher by training. I hope this background enables me to see the preconditions for the further development of work with insight and empathy.”

What are the sources of improving performance in knowledge work today and long into the future? Much can still be simplified and streamlined – and therefore, paradoxically enough, digitalised – in multifaceted, creative knowledge work, in terms of personal and organisational value creation processes alone. I want to help our customers rationalise their routines and free up time and energy for the most valuable and demanding tasks that will continue to be carried out by humans!

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