Henrik Botten Taubøll (Proptech Norway)

Henrik Botten Taubøll works mainly with real estate, in particular transactions and property development. Taubøll has worked in BAHR since 2011 and works primarily with larger property development projects and transactions. Henrik B. Taubøll has worked with the development of Fornebuporten for Aker. He has also worked with both larger and smaller development projects in Norway for example Hasle Linje, Ruseløkkveien 26 and Vika rearmament, LHL Gardermoen etc. He has a special engagement for the Municipality plan in Oslo and held several speeches and participated in running discussion regarding this plan. Henrik has further on special engagement for new technology and real estate. He is in the jury of the largest PropTech competition for EXPO Real (REIN). He established the initiative PropTech Norway in 2017, where he has a central role. In 2015 he co-founded the organization Young in Real Estate (nw. “Ung i Næringseiendom”), which per October 2018 has over 1400 members.

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