Olaf ten Duis (Innogy Innovation Hub)

The Innogy Innovation Hub is actively looking to invest in start-ups that have already demonstrated their value in the market and have the potential for exponential growth, with the innogy Innovation Hub as their partner of choice. The Innogy Innovation Hub is present in the world’s major innovation centres: Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin -where its European Headquarters is based, with satellites in London and Warsaw. In each of these locations, it seeks to engage with local innovation ecosystems where business models are being rethought and cutting-edgetechnologies are being developed and deployed. Key focus areas include: ‘Machine Economy’, ‘Smart & Connected’, ‘Disruptive Digital’ and ‘Cyber Ventures’. Since 2017 Olaf is working as a Portfolio Manager at the Innogy Innovation Hub in Berlin. As a portfolio manager Olaf is responsible forfinding the best solutions in the building space that contribute to the vision of the Innogy innovation hub; Creating a fully digitized autonomous building that can serve all human needs. Olaf helps the start-up to grow by connecting them with the real estate industry. Olaf has been working in corporate innovation and start-ups and has experience in how corporates can work together with start-ups.

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