Rob Oomen (Madaster)

Rob has been working on circular economy for over 4 years in various occupations. Together with other experts, Rob guided multiple organizations in their transition to circular strategies and business models. Industry wise, his major expertise is in the area of construction. Currently, Rob works as Partnership Manager for Madaster. Madaster is the platform that creates material passports for buildings. By giving materials an identity, one prevents them from becoming waste and incentivizes circularity.

Throughout the years Rob gathered expertise on stakeholder management, circular business models, and circularity in construction. In 2016, Rob worked for the campaign Netherlands Circular Hotspot – to promote the country as circular frontrunner – responsible for organizing a 3-day incoming trade mission in which 140 people from over 20 countries took part. Rob also worked on regional initiatives in Amsterdam to further accelerate the transition to circular economy within government and business.

Furthermore, he enjoys teaching occasionally in high schools and at universities as a guest lecturer on circular economy. Rob regularly speaks at conferences and events and has done so in The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Colombia. In the years to come, Rob looks forward to making the circular economy practical for businesses. Scaling up initiatives that make sense and that have a lasting business model. A lot of work is still to be done!

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