Tapio Rosenius (Skandal Technologies)

Tapio Rosenius is the CEO of Skandal Technologies, a new technology start-up developing Ambient Communication systems for built environment. By origin he is a Finnish designer, innovator, artist and an entrepreneur and has been working with light as a medium for design collaborations, digital interventions, product innovation and art since 1998.

His work seeks to create tangible connection between artificial light, digital futures, biomimetic and the human experience. He is a pioneer in the use of biomimetic and responsive lighting control in built environment and continues to develop systems, masterplans, visions and technologies related to this field at Skandal Technologies.

His work has been recognised in the fields of lighting design, architecture and art, including the Media Architecture Biennale Award and the IALD Award of Excellence. His publications include “Create the Livable City”, 2014, London, and the seminal PLDA paper, “Lighting Design Practice 2020”, presented in Rome. He has served as Guest Academic Director of Advanced Lighting Design at ETSAM University in Madrid and collaborates with academia regularly. Tapio lives and works in Madrid. 

Photo by: Mark Cocksedge

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