Teemu Lehtinen (KIRA-digi)

Teemu is running the governmental KIRA-digi project which is boosting digital transformation of the built environment sector in Finland. KIRA-digi is a joint effort of public and private sectors and promotes digital experimentation by 40% of governmental funding. Over 100 experimental projects worth total over 10 Million Euros have been ignited during 2017-2018 covering the whole lifecycle of the built environment – from land use planning and zoning, all the way to the project level of design, construction, and use and maintenance of our built assets. The project also promotes better information flow with open data and APIs and analyzes the needs for legislative changes in order to achieve true platform economy within the built environment. Teemu has graduated from Information Networks study program and is finalizing his doctoral thesis at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University. Teemu has also been at Stanford University as a visiting scholar twice and is the local lead for AEC Hackathons in Finland. As a continuation for KIRA-digi, Teemu wants to co-found a Built Environment Innovation Hub in Helsinki to unite the Finnish innovation ecosystem and take the collaboration in the Nordics and globally to the next level.

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