Alberto Zorrilla (KPMG)

Alberto joined KPMG on October 2018. Since, he has been working on Cyber Security Testing, Red Teaming and Industrial Cyber Security. Before joining he had been working on “purple team” engagements, doing both secure infrastructure architecture, secure deployment and helping teams test and harden the security of their software and systems.

In the past, he has been remotely lecturing the “Advanced Information Security” course for the BSc. Computer Science and Engineering students at Tec Campus Querétaro in México, teaching varied topics from Network security, Web Application Security and Code Review.

He graduated Cum Laude, MSc. Cybersecurity, from the joint program Tallinn University of Technology and Tartu University in Estonia, presenting research on a novel wireless covert channel for c2, data exfiltration and the detection of this channel.

He is certified as a GIAC Industrial Cyber Security Professional, having experience in critical infrastructure security assessments and has also achieved his Offensive Security Certified Professional certification

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