Anssi Salonen (Spacent)

PhD Anssi Salonen is currently walking his talk, as being a part of Spacent. He started as the first CEO of the company and now looks after day-to-day operations from COO position.

Earlier Salonen was involved strongly in Finnish proptech scene working in the team to start the RecoTech meetup event. He saw it to grow from first ideas to over 1000 participants international event. During those years he was actively promoting collaboration between startups and enterprises. Salonen has worked in RAKLI as a director being responsible for the field of real estate investment and financing. In RAKLI he was also in charge of RAKLI’s international networks.

Anssi Salonen has led over 60M€ R&D portfolio during his time as the CTO in built environment Strategic Center for Science Technology and Innovation RYM Oy. Anssi led the multidisciplinary industry-academy consortiums to generate new business for participating companies. Prior to RYM Salonen worked in residential investment company SATO in multiple positions. 

Anssi is passioned about real estate, sustainability and business development, holding a PhD in construction economics and Real Estate Finance.


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