Gavin J. Gallagher (Property Investor | Entrepreneur)

Gavin collaborates with corporate occupiers in the design, development and operation of highly productive work environments that resonate and engage with a younger workforce. He is responsible for the running of EastPoint, an established business park with 50+ occupiers employing almost 9,000 people (mostly millennial & gen-z). This role has afforded him a rare glimpse into the myriad challenges that corporate real estate & facilities teams have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. These insights, combined with two decades in corporate real estate investment & development have forced Gavin to challenge conventional wisdom and seek out uniquely innovative solutions in the design, delivery and operation of the modern corporate workplace. With an insatiable curiosity, especially in the areas of human behaviour, innovation and leadership – Gavin writes, speaks and mentor on the huge roll mindset plays in this industry along with psychology and science behind team performance in the workplace. He also hosts a weekly podcast and video channel 

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