Ivan Nokhrin (Wiredhut)

Ivan Nokhrin runs a boutique digital advisory and proptech portfolio
management firm Wiredhut. He is focused on building a professional
global network around the topic of technologies in real estate.

Ivan has in-depth knowledge of the B2B business processes in the real
estate sector. His 15-year career includes working at Aberdeen Asset
Management as acquisitions manager, working with NPLs (non-performing
loans) in Sberbank, a major European bank, and serving Jensen Group, a
real estate investment firm, managing a portfolio of assets.

In 2012 with his Finnish co-founder, Ivan established and developed from
scratch a proptech startup Exquance having established foreign
operations, raised funds, and hired the core team of executives.

Since then he has co-founded several proptech startups in Finland,
Germany, Sweden, and Russia. Ivan has a vast connection network of
technology professionals, startup entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
in the emerging proptech market. He has co-established a national
proptech accelerator in Russia and helped over a dozen companies set up
and develop their proptech business.

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