Jan-Kristian Westerlund (IISY)

Jan-Kristian Westerlund is a partner at the digital engineering company IISY and the Chief Commercial Officer for their Indoor-Climate-Management-as-a-Service product Freesi. It is the most scalable turnkey solution for preventing indoor climate problems and for achieving indoor climate targets in large building portfolios. Freesi makes professional property managers successful in indoor climate management by enhancing the existing processes with advanced diagnostics, improvement recommendations, activity success tracking, and tenant communications.
Jan-Kristian’s insight gathered from 17 years of B2B experience in various roles ranging from account manager to CEO has lead to success in service design and an extreme growth pace for Freesi. Reverse engineering building performance diagnostics from indoor climate data is not simple, however, purchasing and using the Freesi system as a service is both easy and affordable regardless of the existing technology in the buildings. Now anyone can be successful in leading the indoor climate work professionally in their property portfolio and turning indoor climate into a competitive advantage.
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