Jarkko Moilanen (Platform of Trust)

Jarkko is a long term API and Platform Economy professional with PhD degree (2017) built around a network-driven economy. He is known as the Doctor of Developer eXperience and API Economist (“APItalist) and he currently acts as the Chief Development Officer at Platform of Trust. He is an author of business-oriented “API Economy 101” book. Currently, Jarkko is advancing with data economy research aiming for a PhD degree in economics.

Platform of Trust harmonizes incompatible data coming from various sources, enabling it to be merged and utilized. The platform reduces the need for integration significantly which does not only save time and money but reduces time-to-market span for services built on the platform. The harmonized data can be used to create smarter services and more comprehensive analyses that lead to better decision-making and new business opportunities. Platform of Trust have built-in trust capabilities and doesn’t collect any data. The customer decides where the data is stored, who can use it, and for what purpose.

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