Juha Raitanen (Visma Tampuuri Oy)

Juha started working at Visma Tampuuri (previously Talokeskus Yhtiöt Oy) in 2014 as Business Unit Director and in June 2018 he was appointed as Managing Director of Visma Tampuuri. Previously Juha was a co-founder of Festum and has been working in the software business now for 20 years in various roles from developer to director.

Visma Tampuuri develops and sells Tampuuri, a comprehensive market-leading property management software. Over 1 million apartments are managed in Tampuuri and we have over 80 000 properties in our system. It has been calculated that about two million Finns live, work or spend their leisure time in real estate that is managed in Tampuuri. Visma Tampuuri Oy has over 90 employees and had a revenue of 10.4 M€ in 2019.

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