Maija Ilmoniemi (RecoTech 2020 host)

Maija Ilmoniemi is a Finnish journalist, presenter and radio and event host. She has worked e.g. for the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and currently as a freelancer and entrepreneur. Maija is a versatile professional, an artist and entertainer whose most important goal is to bring joy, inspiration and action to everything she does. Even the most complex knowledge turns into understandable words and exciting matters as Maija makes them comprehensive. Her background as journalist assures she takes over different topics easily and quickly.

Maija’s energy is something of a kind. She enjoys doing things differently and is continuously looking for new ways of presenting ideas and touching and moving people. The light she brings with her will not be forgotten. Maija wants to assure in every possible way that the time spent with her and the events she hosts will stay in memories.

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