Riikka Sievänen (KPMG)

Dr. Riikka Sievänen coordinates KPMG’s Sustainable Finance and responsible investment services in Finland. in her work, she supports institutional investors and financiers with ESG at various stages including property.

Riikka has been leading KPMG’s Global Sustainable Finance Working Group (2018-2020), has acted as an Advisor to the EU Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (2017-2019), as a board member of Finsif (the Finnish Sustainable Investment Forum, 2015-2018) and as Finsif’s representative in the National Steering Committee of Impact Investment at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund (2015-2016).

Next to her work, Riikka is a researcher of responsible investment at the University of Helsinki. She publishes her articles in high-quality academic journals and is one of the four authors of the Finnish responsible investment handbook (“Vastuullinen sijoittaminen”) published in 2020.

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