Wasim Rashid (Orbit Technology)

Wasim Rashid (b.1971) is an expert in new business models, technology driven product development and has worked extensively with digitalization of business models in large companies. Prior to joining R8, he was Executive Vice President Norwegian bank,  DNB. He has also led Telia Company’s digitalization initiative and contributed to the development of their technology platform within IoT. He has also been responsible for establishing a new business unit for Telia around capitalization of data in collaboration with the Norwegian startup company Unacast. He has also served as a board member of Unacast. Prior to this he has 19 years of experience from Schibsted in various roles related to change management and product development, including the building their of their login solution SPiD.

Now he is working in R8Property developing the next big thing: Orbit Technology – a startup building seamless office experience that adapts to your ways of working. Reduce the need for fixed space by taking advantage of orbiting satellites.

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