Tal Friedman ”People are entitled to beautiful architecture”

Tal Friedman(B.ach,M.eng) is an architect and construction-tech-entrepreneur active in digital and automated construction. His work explores new possibilities for transforming the built environment through the innovative use of materials and design algorithms for creating new architectural and structural typologies.

Welcome to the next episode of our RecoTech podcast (recorded before the event). Hosted by Sarah Sipilä, Director at KPMG Finland Global Strategy Group, and featuring Tal Friedman, FOLDSTRUCT Founder and CEO.

In this Episode Tal and Sarah talk about what parametric design really is and how it relates to generative design. They go into the story of Foldstruct and the main idea behind using 2D manufacturing to create complex 3-Dimensional forms. Tal believes people are entitled and attracted to beautiful architecture and that this has an underlying effect and impact on the way we feel and behave.

It’s not just about creating beautiful shapes and buildings it’s also the cost effectiveness of it. Tal gives examples of multiple cases where it is already being applied, from simple sheds to airport facades to emergency shelters.

This podcast has been recorded before RecoTech so of course they talk about what Tal is planning to present on stage. Stay tuned on our channels if you want to see his keynote in the coming weeks.

Listen to the interview