Volker Buscher and the journey into the Data Supernova

Volker Buscher is Arup’s Data Leader (Chief Data Officer).  He is a member of Arup’s Group Board Digital Executive, with responsibility for developing Arup wide data driven automation, services and products. A Project Director for public and private sector clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, US and SE Asia.  

In this Episode of the RecoTech podcast Sarah Sipilä from KPMG talks with Volker Buscher. Volker went through a very interesting career where his role changed from classic group leader to a global leadership role as Arup’s chief data officer.

They go deep into how data is changing the relationship with the entire value chain, and how people work with data is creating highly scalable environments. They touch on the Data Supernova and that a material change will happen with or without us.

They discuss how technology is going to enable increased sustainability, that the sustainable development goals are becoming an integral part of business strategy and if you don’t achieve these aims your no longer a business.

You can meet Volker in Helsinki, at RecoTech. He’s going to have a keynote deep diving in the Data Supernova and digital transformation as a fundamental change to our business models and the structure of our markets. Don’t miss his keynote on the Garage Stage on November 20, 2019.

Listen to the interview