What is Real Sustainability in a Built Environment?

Sustainability has been a buzzword across countless industries for years. More recently, companies aiming to embrace values related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics are also creating a stir in the construction and real estate sectors.

Beyond the buzz, companies are proposing hundreds of different ways to tackle the issues at hand. But is it enough to measure carbon dioxide emissions and try to minimize our carbon footprint? Does that constitute real change, or do we need to go further? These are the tough questions on the table during RecoTech 2022 in Helsinki in November. We’re not looking for easy answers.

Instead, we want to be inspired by some of the leaders in the field. Look at our list of speakers and you will see that we’re committed to taking on sustainability and responsibility. That’s also why this year’s RecoTech motto is “United in Responsibility.”

So, who’s joining us in our quest for new approaches and deeper knowledge? An exciting combination of big-name brands and leading Nordic startups!


First, there is KPMG IMPACT, the accelerator platform for the consultancy’s ESG strategy. IMPACT takes KPMG’s commitment to its clients beyond strategy. The platform is designed to assist clients every step along the way to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and their own ESG targets. KPMG will introduce us to their idea of sustainability and give practical advice on what to change now. We’ll also talk about why those changes haven’t been made yet.

KPMG’s commitment is not limited to supporting clients. Every single KPMG firm has put sustainable growth at the heart of everything they do. The company’s ESG commitments are available to the public through an Impact Plan. In addition, KPMG’s goals are backed by an investment plan covering several years. The intention is clear – by generating their own experience, KPMG’s consultants will be able to advise their clients even better.

Exxon Mobil may not be the first name that comes to mind when talking about ESG and sustainability, but like its competitors, the company has taken big steps toward sustainability across its operations. Exxon Mobil believes that change takes action.

Whilst the company remains committed to producing the chemical and the energy we have come to rely on for our personal lives as well as economic development, they also understand their responsibility for the communities they operate in. Exxon is working to protect people and the environment, as well as mitigate the risks of climate change. The company believes that development and profitable operations can go hand-in-hand. We’re excited to hear their thoughts at RecoTech.

Carrot.tech is a Norwegian startup that’s all about turning waste into value. Their proposition is simple: if we don’t know what happens to the stuff we throw in the bin, we’re less likely to invest time and effort into reducing waste. Instead, it’s only human to wonder whether our efforts are worth it.

Carrot’s approach to showing the world that every little bit of waste reduction makes a difference is based on data. Carrot records information about waste to help us understand that every little thing has value. The next step is to reward people for returning waste to create a world of circular materials where nothing is wasted, and most things have a second or third life. Their initial results are exciting, with households in Bergen reducing their waste by nearly 10%. The most impressive Carrot case study so far deals with Vestkanten Storsenter. By collecting data, the tenants of this shopping center laid the foundations for a whopping 80% reduction in residual waste.

RecoTech is all about bringing together the real estate and the construction industries and uniting them in their quest for sustainability. Few companies are better placed to help achieve that than Haahtela!

Haahtela wants developers to focus on the future from the moment they start on a project. Their idea of the future stretches beyond the moment a construction project is handed over. The Haahtela team helps its clients construct buildings that contribute to their communities by creating environments in which people can flourish and communities can grow. Technology helps the team facilitate energy efficiency and other components, all installed with a view to being long-lasting.


The future of construction and real estate is right here at your fingertips! Don’t miss RecoTech on 16 November 2022. For one day only, you can catch a glimpse of how 21st-century construction and real estate will develop. Buy your ticket now and transform the way you think about buildings and PropTech!